Friday, October 10, 2008

Car Bowling!

Car Bowling!
Originally uploaded by radiant guy
Ever been in one?
Well don't it's not that fun, more scary than fun...I wish I had my SLR camera that day but I didn't know that a guy will crash into 6 cars at the same time back then.

Photos were taken using my 5 M.P. camera phone.


Anonymous said...

Lazem et7e6lek GUESTPAGE 3ashan elnas ey3alqon 3ala your photos ele fe your webpage
EYHABLON I thought theyre awesome

laman a7e6 hel comment betro7 o etser qadema ma3a el topic; wen a7e6 the comment 3ala your work kela bedon mayeser qadeem?


Thank you walla you made my day....kanat nafseeti down but you made me happy...Thank you meno ma knt/knti :)

wala madri ana adri ena fe nas wayid eshofoon my work specially fe flickr o hatha shi mbyn mo mn their comments 3dd el views elli 3ala el sowar...o i think enhm if they want to comment on my photos they can do it but they just dont want to.

My work been online for over three years o hathi awal request for a guestbook :)