Saturday, January 26, 2008

Not another contact lens story

Few months ago I went to get new yearly contact lens since I have the worst vision in the world, so I went to "Natharat Kaifan" to get new ones and they told me that they don't have yearly contacts anymore, they only have monthly contacts now....Since I has no choice I bought them :+

Last week, I went again to get monthly contacts (since they told me the first time they don't have yearly ones anymore) and they said sorry we don't have monthly contacts anymore....We only have weekly now.

I said.... I am sure next time I come you'll tell me you have daily contacts only!

قبل جم شهر رحت أشتري عدسات سنوية يدد بدال عدساتي اللي خاسوا ابعيني لووول
المهم رحت نظارات كيفان و قالولي ما قمنا انييب عدسات سنوية بعد، الحين بس عندنا شهرية....قلتلهم انزين عطونياهم ما اقدر اشوف قمت امشي و أدعم الطوف...اشدعوه لوووول

قبل اسبوع رحت مرة ثانية اشتري عدسات شهرية قالولي لأ ما عندنا عدسات شهرية بس قمنا انييب اسبوعية....قلتلهم المرة الياية أكيد بتقولونلي ما قمنا انييب إلا عدسات يومية :+

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